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Moose leather tannery, älgläder, elk leather, moose leather, wild game tannery



The Monarch of the North

As a genuine tannery with competent partners, we process and finish Scandinavian
Elk/ Moose hides to the utmost quality leather for a variety of end products.

From raw hide to wet blue to finished leather, our craftmen need roughly six weeks
of work, as well as honouring decades of dedicated workmanship and tradition.

When harvesting the forest of this animal, Europe's largest, with care and common
sense, any professional knows the species tend to propogate at an increased rate.

This unique, light, beautiful and extremely durable leather can be bought in a black,
brown or grey colour. Other colours are available upon request.

Exciting Wild Animal Furs &

As a company solely concentrating on the furs and hides of wild
animals, delivered by and bought directly from hunters throughout
Europe, you can acquire decorational whole hides of

• Scandinavian Elk / Moose
• Mountain Deer
• Wild Sheep, black and/or white
• Badger
• Wild Boar / Pig

To prepare an animal hide, our professional workforce needs six to
eight weeks. On average 8-10 liters of salt chemicals and special
natural oil are used for each item. Individual digital photographic images
are available upon request.

Wild Boar heads
Mountain Sheep (Black & White)

Mountain Lamb
Wild Boar w. feet
Mountain Deer
Mountain Badger
Wet Blue Elk 

Tanned Black Elk
Tanned Sand Elk
Tanned Brown Elk
Scandinavian Elk